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Why did Newsweek superimpose Bowie into a picture of Trump?

What possible connection could David Bowie have with Donald Trump? Why would Newsweek superimpose Bowie’s face into a picture of the former president as part of its coverage of Trump’s arraignment in New York?

The reason, it turns out, is that Trump appears to be a Bowie fan. Or at least his event organizers are. And Bowie’s son, filmmaker Duncan Jones is none too happy about it. After getting arraigned on 34 felony charges, Trump returned to Florida where he held a rally at which “Rebel Rebel” was played to pump up the crowd. Trump has previously used “Heroes” as walk-off music. In both instances, Duncan Jones took to Twitter to protest:

“’Pretty sure this f***** keeps on using my dad’s music just to annoy me personally.
(Joke. I’m way below his radar.),’ Jones tweeted.“. And Newsweek found all of this worth reporting (actually, I agree…which is why I’m posting this here).

I’ve got another one— during the 2016 Republican convention, the live band played “Station to Station.” “Station to Station?” I’m sure there are more unlikely Bowie songs for a Republican convention, but I’m kind of at a loss to think of one.

As I was posting my song-a-day tribute to Bowie during the year of his death, 2016, Trump’s improbable rise to political primacy was playing out in the background. I frequently selected songs such as “This is Not America,” “Saviour Machine” and “I’m Afraid of Americans” on days that corresponded with some political development. But I’ll tell you two songs I never associated with Donald Trump: “Rebel Rebel” and “Heroes.”

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