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Week 82 | Young Lions (1990)

For purposes of this project, I have defined a Bowie album as any with at least two songs on which Bowie contributed.  A few albums make this list with just two songs (for instance, Scarlet Johansson’s “Anywhere I Lay My Head” or Rustic Overtones’ “Viva Nueva”).  Unlike those albums, I actually listen to the entirety of Adrian “Young Lions” from time to time.  Adrian Belew had been Bowie’s guitarist around the time of this album, and Bowie contributed as writer and singer on two songs for this album— the excellent, “Pretty Pink Rose” (which Iiveound and Vision Tour), and the album’s closing track, “Gunman.”  

Intentionally or not, the entire album has a feel like it was influenced, or at least inspired by Bowie.  Songs like, “Looking for a UFO” and, “Phone Call From the Moon” seem like they could have been titles for Bowie songs, and even “Young Lions” and “Men In Helicopters” don’t seem too far off from “Lodger.”  In any case, together they make for a nice collection (so too do the other songs, including a cover of the Traveling Willbury’s “Not Alone Anymore” and a buzzard song called, “I Am What I Am,’ that uses archival tracks of a preacher named, “Prophet Omega” (Bowie was supposedly as fan) against the backdrop of Belew’s guitar. 

I saw Belew perform live several months ago.  He’s a terrific guitarist with a distinctive voice.  He performed a couple of songs from this album, so it has lasting power.

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