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Week 5 | Anywhere I Lay My Head (2008)

This one barely counts as a Bowie album. Instead, it is the actress, Scarlett Johansson mostly singing Tom Waits songs. Bowie’s presence is felt on two of the album’s songs, “Falling Down” and “Fannin Street.” In both cases, Bowie provides backing vocals. To my ear, Bowie’s contributions are barely recognizable. These are not duets. His voice is also not as distinct as it was when he sang backup on earlier songs, like Lou Reed’s “Satellite of Love.” In “Falling Down,” if you know who you are listening to, you can hear Bowie’s voice, but you would probably miss it if you just stumbled upon the song. His voice is more recognizable in Fannin Street, but again he is strictly a backup singer here. These are not bad songs, but both Johansson and Waits have more claim to them than Bowie.

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