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Week 13 | Bowie at the Proms (2016)

The Proms is a classical music series mostly performed at the Royal Albert Hall, highlights of which are broadcast on the BBC. Shortly after Bowie’s death, I came across a series of YouTube clips from such a concert featuring various performers singing his songs, backed by a classical orchestra. It is an excellent concert. Individual songs and the whole concert are on YouTube and the BBC web site (and right here). But I haven’t been able to find it as an audio download or CD.

I was able to find an earlier album called “Bowie at the Proms,” which I downloaded and featured various Bowie songs performed as classical music (no singing). Frustratingly, I cannot find any URLs to share as a sample.

Do Bowie songs work as classical music? Sure. Why not. The songs on this collection include Magic Dance (atypical fo a tribute), Life on Mars, Space Oddity, The Man Who Sold the World, Starman, Under Pressure, Ziggy Stardust, Changes, “Heroes” and Let’s Dance. The songs go by pretty quickly and then are followed by several traditional classical selections. Its all very nice, but the tribute concert featuring the singers is really great.

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