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“Strangers When We Meet” Live

Yesterday I mentioned this song as an example, along with “Rock’n Roll with Me” and “It Ain’t Easy” of songs that seemed out of place on their albums. Specifically, the nice, calm “Strangers When We Meet” is a really odd choice to end the manic, sometimes violent 1. Outside. Bowie seemed to like the song, though, for which he did an official video and also included on an entirely seperate studio album, The Buddha of Suburbia.

Bowie’s longtime piano player, Mike Garson, recently posted this video on his own website. Of the song, he wrote, in part:

Strangers When We Meet is one of the most underrated Bowie songs. I really love this truly incredible version. The piano was mixed perfectly. Notice how everyone in the band just played the perfect part. If it weren’t for their laying it down so beautifully, there would have been no way for me to have had the freedom to improvise so continuously underneath or to be as supportive to David.”

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