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Special Interview: Robert Burke Warren on his Bowie Bash show!

Robert Burke Warren is coming to Albany, NY— my home town— on June 1st, and he’s brining his Bowie Bash show along with him, which you can see at the Linda, WAMC’s performing arts center at 8:00 pm. Click HERE for tickets and more information.

When I saw that the show was coming to town, I was hoping to catch up with Robert to discuss what we have to look forward to. The ensuing discussion covered that, but went into much greater depth about Bowie, with a little side discussion about Johnny Cash, too! So, even if you don’t live anywhere near Albany or are watching this after June 1st, the discussion is “evergreen.”

Robert Burke Warren is a musician, but also a guitar teacher and an author— he deities a book about Johnny Cash (and he also does a Johnny Cash show). As you’ll hear, if you can’t make the 1st, the Bowie bash will be back.

Normally, I only post interviews on Saturdays. Since I had a great one slated for this past Saturday, Lisa Perrott, author of David Bowie and the Art of Music Video, and I have another great one scheduled for this upcoming Saturday, artist Sara Captain, I’m posting this one today in advance of June 1st. But if you missed Lisa Perrott, click on her bolded name, and come back Saturday for Sara Captain!

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