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“Space Oddity” – “I Love You” Mashup

Someone with more time (and more musical talent) than me came up with this combination of “Space Oddity” and a Billie Eilish song called, “I Love You.” The Eilish song is probably famous, but I’m not familiar with her works beyond the theme song to No Time to Die. That said, she has a beautiful, haunting voice and this mash-up works remarkably well as a song. The combined video…maybe not so much. The Bowie portion of the video comes from his 1969 video from the Love You Til Tuesday movie. He gets points for creativity as well as rising above where he otherwise was with the song itself (most of the rest of his material from this period was trash). But the video is extremely crude and Bowie looks goofy. That’s OK. You want to listen to this, not necessarily watch it.

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