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She tore down Paris… City of Light names street for Bowie (plus, my greatest failure in government…)

Paris, France named a street after Bowie last week, on the occasion of his birthday. This got a lot of international news and is, I think a great way to attract tourists! (Although Maryland has an entire city named Bowie, so France has a ways to go).

When I was in a position to do something about it, I tried to get an area on a mountain in the Catskills named after Bowie. I had the state DEC all lined up, but I made the mistake of trying to reach out to Bowie’s family. I never connected, but ended up talking to someone who worked for the lawyer in charge of Bowie’s estate. This was a clash of worlds— I couldn’t even get the lawyer on the phone. Didn’t he know who I was???

Anyway, the reason for the area in the Catskills is that Bowie had a residence near there, which Iman and his daughter still owned. I’ll point out that for the last twenty years of his life, Bowie was a New Yorker. His main residence was in Manhattan and he had a house in the mountains in the Catskills. Anyway, word got back to me that Iman didn’t want to draw attention to their Catskills residence, so we didn’t carry through with the naming. It would have been great. I had plans to get a cover band and do an event with Governor Cuomo as part of a series of events promoting Catskills tourism.

The Governor did issue a proclamation when Bowie died, and I didn’t even have to suggest that.

New York still needs something permanent named after Bowie. If I ever have the chance to do it again…

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