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Sébastien Bédé‘s remix of “Heathen (the Rays)”

I came across this video by French musician Sébastien Bédé while looking for videos of the week. This doesn’t qualify for my own made-up rules because it wasn’t posted in the last week— it’s a few years old. But it’s spectacular.

Bédé did a series of Bowie remixes including most of the songs off, Heathen. He then created the video by using clips from other sources, in this case such as the movie, The Hunger. I often hear remixes and notice little difference from the original recording. This is NOT THE CASE with this. Bédé’s remix really bring’s Bowie’s voice to the forefront, slows down the pace of the song and dramatically changes the instrumental aspect of the song. The result is chilling. I found myself listening to as many of these remixes as I can find. They are definitely value added.

Also, I find the clarity of Bowie’s vocals help me really focus on the lyrics. As I recently wrote about Heathen, it seems like a reaction to the terrorist attacks of 9/11, but actually wasn’t that. Much as the case with the lyrics to “Sunday,” which I posted on 9/11 of this year, it’s hard to listen to this song and not think about 9/11. How could Bowie have created this by coincidence?

Anyway, this is absolutely worth watching and I will probably post additional videos from the series in the future.

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