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RIP Tina Turner (Tina and Bowie perform “Let’s Dance”)

Those of you who know me know that I lost a dear personal friend on Tuesday, May 23rd. Within 24 hours we got word that Tina Turner had also passed away. Tina Turner and Bowie collaborated in the 1980s, including in the concert from which this video was taken. Tina sang backup on Bowie’s version of “Tonight,” and she covered the song herself as well. She also covered “1984” as well as “Girls,” which Bowie wrote for Tina Turner. Infamously, the two appeared together in a Pepsi commercial in which they sang and danced to an altered version of “Modern Love.” Bowie was mentioned throughout the Tina Turner Broadway musical, Tina, which was one of the last plays I saw on Broadway before the pandemic.

RIP Tina Turner. That said, my personal grief is focused on the passing of my friend. Too much death.

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