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RIP Sinead O’Connor

I just heard the terrible news that Sinead O’Connor has passed away. As I write, I don’t know the circumstances of her death but know she lived a troubled life. She was 56.

I have long thought that Sinead O’Connor had one of the most distinctive voices in popular music, which I mean in the best possible way. She’s a singer I can listen to just for the sound of her voice.

I did a quick search of YouTube for any connection to Bowie and found this video, probably a bootleg (though there are some visual effects) of her performing “Life on Mars” and “Sorrow”* at what might have been a Bowie tribute concert a few years ago. I don’t think they two of them ever collaborated.

Sinead’s voice is strong in these songs but the audio quality is marred by too much audience sound up front.

* Bowie covered “Sorrow” on Pin Ups and continued to perform the song for years after, but it is not an original Bowie song— it was originally by a band called the McCoys. That said, there is no doubt Sinead was performing it in tribute to Bowie, not the McCoys.

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