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Puddles Pity Party covers “When You Rock and Roll with me”

I discovered Puddles a few weeks ago and his cover of “Lazrus” made “cover of the week.” Despite his clownish appearance— actually, it’s not just clownish, he dresses as a clown— his singing is actually great! And he’s covered boatloads of Bowie songs. The benefit of an endless blog with daily entries is that I’ll have an infinite amount of time to sprinkle these in from time to time.

“When You Rock and Roll with Me” doesn’t often come up as a cover. The song got a little burst of attention when one of Bowie’s live performances of it was featured in the Moonage Daydream documentary. (As it happens, the performance was in Buffalo). The song can be found on Diamond Dogs, but it really has little if anything to do with the rest of the album. For this reason, I like the sound of it better on its own. Puddles does a good job, in fact, while the arrangement is similar to Bowie’s, the context and Puddles’ voice is different enough to give him some ownership over this lesser-known Bowie song.

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