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Puddles performs “Under Pressure/Let it Go” Mash Up

I’m not exactly sure why this just popped up in my feed— it’s apparently a few years old, but those familiar with this blog know I like how Puddles Pity Party interprets Bowie. On the off chance you missed some of my past posts of Puddles’ performances (how’s that for alliteration)— he’s a legit musician based out of Atlanta who always appears dressed as a clown. Some— but not all of what he does is humorous. His attire, like Bowie’s on the cover of Scary Monsters and in the “Ashes to Ashes” video, is in the tradition of the Pierrot archetype. His arrangements of Bowie’s songs don’t take great liberties, but his voice is distinctly different than Bowie’s, so to my ears a Puddles cover is not like listening to someone trying to imitate the original.

This particular video is done in comic style. Is he singing “eat it all up?” (I think he is). The chyron reads, “Stressed spelled backwards is desserts.” Two thirds of the way through the song he breaks into “Let it Go” from Frozen. Meanwhile, while the central image is of this clown singing very earnestly, he is flanked by two clown clones eating their lunches. If you just listen to this, it really isn’t very funny. It’s a good cover and the “Let it Go” interlude sounds well placed, especially if you don’t automatically think of a children’s movie. But the visual elements make it quite funny, and thus interesting to watch, not just to hear.

I was getting excited that this was a new video. It would have been a cover of the week to be sure. But it wasn’t originally posted this week, so it doesn’t quality. So I’m posting it on a Thursday.

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