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Not that Bowie Documentary, Pt. 2

I came across a reference to, “Stardust,” a 2020 movie about Bowie’s initial attempt to tour in the United States and transformation into Ziggy Stardust on a list of the 10 worst biopics of all time. A relatively new movie, I never heard of it before. It appears to be streaming on Hulu, which I don’t have, so I still haven’t seen it. Actually, it seems like it might be painful to watch, so I’m not in a rush.

I did watch this trailer. Johnny Flynn, a musician who I also had never heard of plays Bowie. It seems like Flynn is trying to imitate Bowie, but he not only does not look like Bowie, but his voice sounds like that of a bad impersonator. Jonathan Rhys Meyers did a much better job in, “Velvet Goldmine.” That movie factionalized the early Bowie story and had Rhys Meyers playing the slightly fictions Brian Slade. While Rhys Meyers dressed like Bowie and possesses some similar features, he didn’t attempt to sound like Bowie and at the end of the day, the character wasn’t actually supposed to be Bowie. We, the audience, didn’t have to constantly be thinking that we were supposed to be looking at Bowie in the same way we were supposed to be looking at Rami Malek and thinking we were watching Freddie Mercury in, “Bohemian Rhapsody,” or Taron Egerton as Elton John in, “Rocketman.”

My understanding is that, “Stardust” also does not actually feature any of Bowie’s music. Instead, Flynn sings some songs that Bowie also covered including, “I Wish You Would,” the yardbirds song that appears on 1973’s “Pin Ups” and, “The Port of Amsterdam,” which is a Jacques Brel song and is one of my least favorite pieces of music recorded by Bowie. As songs associated with Bowie, these are pretty obscure. Again, “Velvet Goldmine” did it better in part by having Slade sing songs written for the movie, along with the use of other, non-Bowie songs from the era.

Anyway, that’s about as much as I can write about a movie i haven’t seen. I’m looking forward to seeing, “Moonage Daydream.” Not so much this one, though.

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