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New sub-series: Commentary on Bowie’s Videos

OK, so here’s the idea: I have long since commented on most (though still not all) of Bowie’s songs. In the course of doing so, I have posted every official Bowie video (and quite a few unofficial Bowie videos). They are all here in this blog, somewhere. I don’t like posting the same thing twice, however my original commentary was on the songs more than the videos themselves. That’s the point of this new series, which I’m going to tag as being part of the “Hooked to the Silver Screen” series.

“Hooked to the Silver Screen” was originally a series of commentaries on Bowie’s movies. There are still a few such movies out there that I haven’t covered, and when I get to them, they too will get the tag. But I’m almost out of movies, except that Bowie’s videos are actually like very short movies (in the case of “Jazin’ for Blue Jean,” maybe not so short).

I might have actually started this earlier except that along the way I had the opportunity to interview Lisa Perrott, who wrote a book about Bowie’s videos (which you can link to HERE). What Lisa wrote is more insightful and just better than anything I’m going to write. So that gave me pause. But, I think what I’m going to write is different enough from what she wrote that here it goes.

That said, there’s one set of videos that I’m going to avoid— at least I think I’m going to avoid. That’s the set associated with the Love You Til Tuesday project. Bowie made a series of videos, which he packaged together in 1969 which remained moire or less unknown until 1984 at the height of his pop stardom. The most notable video from the package is a very early version of “Space Oddity.” The rest of the songs…I just don’t like. And the videos are very, very crude. I have written about the songs and just don’t have much more to say about the videos. So, with that out of the way, next week I’ll start for real with commentary about what I believe to be his first after this project, “John, I’m Only Dancing…”

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