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New Feature (?) I Heard the News Today…Bowie Stories of the Week

I’ve been playing around with the idea of doing a weekly summary of news stories about or partially about Bowie from the prior week. My concern is that this type of thing exists out there already, so this might not work. I’m going to give it a try and see if it’s both fruitful and different. If you have an opinion, let me know what you think. If the feature survives more than three weeks, I’ll create a tag for it.

What I’m going to do is include representative headlines and link to their stories of origin, then add my own comments. This is not meant to be a long post.

Oh, by the way, “I heard the news” comes from Bowie’s use of the term in “Young Americans.” Though obviously based on the Beatles’ similar term in “A Day in the Life,” their version is, “ I read the news today…”


Why ‘Girls’ Director Richard Shepard Recut His Quirky ’90s Indie ‘The Linguini Incident’ Starring David Bowie and Rosanna Arquette. I haven’t been able to find this movie, which I’ve wanted to review as part of my “Hooked to the Silver Screen” series, so this was big news for me! The Blue Ray release is set for July 25th, but the re-edited film will be shown in select theaters in May.

Earth Day: David Bowie featuring Mother Nature – What is Sounds Right? Brian Eno’s remix of “Get Real,” now featuring animal sounds as part of the Sounds Right project continued to make news this past week. Though well intentioned (the project is designed to raise awareness about nature), I actually don’t think the remix does in fact sound right. But Earth Day was on April 22nd and Record Store Day was on April 20th, so Eno releasing something involving Bowie was too much of an opportunity to pass up.

Kate Bush On David Bowie: “He was just the right amount of weird…” Kate Bush, who has been enjoying a career resurgence of late, wrote a guest essay in Mojo about her appreciation for Bowie. Coincidently, Leah Kardos, who wrote one of the best Bowie books I’ve read, Blackstar Theory, and has done other great writing about Bowie, is coming out with a book about Bush as part of the 33 1/3 series. It won’t be released until November, but if you are interested in pre ordering, click HERE.

David Bowie Waiting in the Sky (Before the Starman Came to Earth). This is another lagging story that was bigger news the previous week about the release of a box set on Record Store Day chronicling Bowie’s musical journey to Ziggy Stardust. A similar box set was previously released about the road to Hunky Dory, which was called Divine Symmetry, which I reviewed HERE. I ordered my own copy of Waiting in the Sky on CD, which hasn’t been released yet, but I’ll review it once it arrives.

BOYS KEEP SWINGING: BEHIND DAVID BOWIE’S CRITIQUE OF MALE PRIVILEGE. This analysis piece has made the rounds as a re-post in several social media outlets I follow. I think the title slightly oversimplifies the point of the article and the song, but it’s a good article, especially if you are only passingly familiar with the song.

Star Trek: Discovery Season 5, Episode 4 Has A Perfect David Bowie Link. This is interesting…there’s an episode of this show titled, “Face the Strange,” which of course is a line from “Changes.” Apparently, according to this article, the episode has a lot of other Bowie references. That makes me want to see it…

Eternal Love”: David Bowie’s Widow, Iman, Marks What Would’ve Been the Couple’s 32nd Anniversary. April 24th was the 32nd anniversary of Bowie’s marriage to Iman. Iman posted about it on her own social media. She frequently does post about Bowie. I don’t pretend to have any insight into the “real” David Bowie, but it sure seems like Iman helped him turn his life around. They were married 23 years at the time of his death.

10 Best David Bowie Songs of All Time. I’ve seen this website, Singersroom, post this type of thing before, so I’m not sure how new this is. There are a lot of “10 best Bowie songs” lists out there. So which ones make this list? Nothing too unexpected — “‘Heroes;’” “Space Oddity;” “Life on Mars;” “Changes;” “Starman;” “Rebel Rebel;” “Let’s Dance;” “Ashes to Ashes;” “Young Americans;” and “Ziggy’s Stardust.” None of these are out-on-a-limb selections, though I’m slightly surprised “Under Pressure;” “Modern Love” and “Fame” didn’t make it in there somewhere…

And with that, “we’ve finished our news” (yeah, that’s a line from, “Oh You Pretty Things”).

Well, what do you think? Should I make this a weekly feature?

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