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Love you, ‘Til Tuesday

I haven’t had the opportunity to attend too many concerts since the Pandemic. I very well might never see one in a theater again. I didn’t see Aimee Mann, my favorite living singer, when she came to the Egg— the Empire Center for the Performing Arts, literally in the same complex as my office, on July 24th. But I was all too happy to travel to Massachusetts to see her at an outdoor venue the next day. She’s as great as ever.

I have seen Aimee Mann in concert more than Bowie or, for that matter anyone else. She has a great and unique voice, thoughtful, sad lyrics and engaging melodies. There’s a lot there to contemplate. That said, while I can literally write a blog entry every day about Bowie, I don’t feel compelled to do so with Aimee Mann. Even in writing about this concert— which was really, really terrific — I don’t especially feel compelled to write about her individual songs, musicality or anything like a play-by-play. I’m more acknowledging that I went and she was great, as usual.

The title of this entry is a kind of a joke— Aimee Mann was the lead singer of the 80s band, ‘Til Tuesday. Bowie recorded a song called, Love You till Tuesday in 1967, then did a film promoting it and other songs from the era in 1969, which was eventually released, both as a film and as a record during the Let’s Dance era (a very different era). I have never been able to link the name of Mann’s band to Bowie’s song, and Mann has been on her own for 30+ years now, so it’s just a coincidence. But that’s the joke.

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