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Lena Hall covers “Lazarus”

This is another of Lena Hall’s Bowie covers as part of her “Obsessed” series. Since she did videos for each of the five songs she covered, my intent is to post all of them, and this is the fourth I’ve posted.

“Lazarus,” off Blackstar, is, along with the title track, one of Bowie’s last best-known songs. Unlike much of the excellent music Bowie made since the 1980s, “Lazarus” seems to have broken through into the consciousness of those who were not necessarily seeking out Bowie music. Its the title track of Bowie’s musical, which while one of several musicals based on the music of a particular singer, didn’t quite get the exposure of something like, Tina or even David Byrne’s American Utopia, which had the benefit of being performed by the original artist (and was the last Broadway show I saw before the pandemic— it was great!)

That said, I think in that someone like Lena Hall— and she is not alone— chooses to cover this song suggests that it has achieved greater penetration than something like, say, “Where Are We Now?” (Which I use as an example because it is an excellent song that made a splash when Bowie surprising released it after a decade of not releasing new music).

The main reason I’m posting all of Hall’s covers is that I think she does a good job and I like to hear them.

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