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Leah Kardos on “Girl Loves Me”

Leah Kardos’ book, Blackstar Theory is the best piece of writing I have ever read about Bowie. Her deep understanding of music is so far beyond my own area of knowledge that I couldn’t even attempt to do what she does (I tend to write about Bowie’s lyrics because I don’t even have the vocabulary to talk about what he’s doing in the music). Why haven’t I commented more on her book? Because she’s basically reproducing the whole thing in this series of videos, which I have been posting as they come out. Her words are taken from her book, but the videos will often feature the actual speaker of quotes rather than her just quoting them, or musical samples when she mentions a piece of music. (Also, there’s the video element). I don’t have a whole lot to add except to say that part of the reason I don’t actually promote this blog— I’m really writing for myself— is that my own analysis doesn’t belong in the same conversation as something like this.

I will say, “Girl Loves Me” is one of the great songs on Blackstar. Kardos adds meaning such as an explanation of both why Bowie included what sounds like nonsense words, where those words came from and what they mean. For me, the line, “Where the fuck did Monday go” struck me on the day Bowie died, or at least the day I read that he died— a Monday within the week Blackstar was released.

But like i said, I don’t have much to add to what Kardos says, so if you’ve gotten this far, watch the video…

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