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Bowie songs of the year #9: Space Oddity (1969)

Bowie songs of the year #10: Repetition, 1979

Bowie Songs of the Year Project…

The Historical Bowie

Bowie in the comics…

Special James Bond Addendum: Bond Car Exhibit

Ines Adam performs “Sound and Vision”

Leah Kardos on “Girl Loves Me”

Could Bowie have Saved “A View to a Kill?”

Lana Del Rey sings “Terrence Loves You” (2015)

Noel Gallagher sings “Valentine’s Day” and the latest mass shooting

Elton John’s Bowie Tribute and his last US Concert

Chris Cornell sings “Lady Stardust” and the Colorado nightclub shooting

Wallflowers cover “Heroes,” Trump, Duncan Jones and Twitter

Bowie on the cover of another magazine…

Beck sings Diamonds Dogs (and my thoughts on the movie, “Nightmare Alley”)

Kooks Updated

Brian Gray sings Saviour Machine

Slow Burn restored video

David Bowie Paraphernalia

“The Man Who Fell to Earth” Graphic Novel

Brief Bowie Sunday: The Stars Are Out Tonight

Brief Bowie Saturday: Queen Bitch Live (1972)

Ian Hunter’s Bowie tribute, “Dandy” (2016)

Unwashed and Somewhat Slightly Dazed Updated

Uncut Magazine features Bowie

“Afraid” Updated (originally Day 174, July 5, 2016)

“Helden” Jojo Rabbit Soundtrack Version (2020)

The 5 Bowie Albums in Rolling Stones’ Top 500

Bus Stop Updated (Day 133 of the 2016 tribute)

A Note About the “Site Maintenance” Series

Parálisis Permanente performs “Heroes” in Spanish (1982)

Iggy Pop performs “Real Wild Child” (AKA “Wild One”), 1986

Site Maintenance: Starman on Top of the Pops (1972) Updated

“Starman” from CODA Soundtrack (2021)

“Heroes” Covered, Final Part: “The Secret Life of Arabia”

Hey, wait a minute… where’s “Blackout” (here it is, covered by Momus).

“Heroes” Covered Part 7: Yugennui performs “Neukolln”

“Heroes” Covered Part 6: Dylan Howe performs “Moss Garden”

“Heroes” Covered Part 6: hYrtis performs “Sense of Doubt”

“Heroes” Covered Part 5: The Spookers perform V2 Schneider

“Heroes” Covered Part 4: Matt Brown sings “Sons of the Silent Age”

Alternate version of “Kooks” (1971)

“Heroes” Covered part 3: Oasis performs “Heroes”

Last Three Bowie Albums I’ve Listened To

“Heroes” Covered Part 2: Momus sings Joe the Lion

“Heroes” Covered Part. 1: Deliverance performs Beauty and the Beast

Actors and Bootblacks perform “Boys Keep Swinging” (2022)

Site Maintenance: “I Can’t Explain” (1983)

Oh You Pretty Things (1972)

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