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180 Studio Bowie photo exhibit

I heard the news today*… David Bowie News of the Week! Special (mostly) British edition

This my weekly summary of news of the about Bowie. The bolded titles link to the original stories I summarize below. As always, there were actually more stories either about Bowie, or in which Bowie is at least mentioned, but this is my selection of the highlights.

Photo Exhibit features Bowie. The 180 Studios in London is running an exhibit of the photos of Rankin, which originally ran in a magazine called Dazed & Confused, including Bowie and other celebrities. The exhibit runs through June. Unfortunately I didn’t find which Bowie photo or photos appear in the exhibit, but I’m illustrating this post with a photo that Rankin took of Bowie from the 1. Outside era.

People Profiles Duncan and Lexi. People Magazine ran a profile this week of Bowie’s two children. It’s a positive story without a whole lot of new news for people who have been following their quasi-public lives, but its worth the quick read.

Jennifer Connelly reflects on Bowie. The Guardian ran a profile of actress Jennifer Connelly, in which she (inevitably) reflects on working with Bowie in Labyrinth. This piece is more about Connelly than Bowie, but if you have any interest in the story of her life and career, this is a pretty good, concise summary.

Heroes” as Mental Health Break. It’s been a while since I read The Daily Kos, but one of the writers posted Bowie’s “Heroes” video as a “mental health break.” Not much to the story, but if you need an excuse to watch the video again, here it is.

Bowie’s problem with rock music? Far Out Magazine, which usually publishes at least one story about Bowie per week, ran one about his supposed problem with rock music, which basically boils down to the genre being unoriginal. Far Out often will take a one-off comment from Bowie and build a story around it. This is an example of that. Another example can be found in a second Bowie story from the magazine about how he supposedly thought Laurie Anderson could read his mind. And, not to be outdone by The Guardian, Far Out also had its own Jennifer Connelly-on-Bowie story, too. But that’s not all— there was a fourth Far Out Bowie story about the last time guitarist Robert Fripp spoke with Bowie.

Bowie’s chef? Well, not really. The Daily Mail ran a story about the Rockfield Studios in Wales and how proprietor Joan Murray ended up cooking for such rock stars as Queen, Lemmy, Ozzy Osbourne and Bowie. I hadn’t recalled reading that Bowie recorded there— or ever hearing of the studio at all— it turns out he was just visiting Iggy Pop, who was there recording Soldier.

Bowie and Jack Docherty coming to Scotland? Scottish entertainer Jack Docherty is bringing his stand-up comedy show, “David Bowie & Me: Parallel Lives” to a Glasgow theater next week. Docherty Hosted an interview show in the 90s that Bowie appeared on as a guest. He uses the experience as a launching point for his stand-up show.

Bowie: Not a Necrophiliac. This snippet of a story summarizes an anecdote from Dylan Jones’ recent Bowie biography in which some weirdo offered Bowie a dead body for his sexual pleasure. We should all be happy to learn that Bowie indignantly refused. No explanation of how the guy making the offer came into possession of a corpse, which might actually be the more interesting story.

British Soccer (yeah, I called it soccer) magazine rates players by Bowie songs. Do we speak the same language? Not so sure after this one. Nonetheless, and despite knowing little about soccer, I found this story to be hilarious (sorry my British friends, the Buffalo Bills play football. Ted Lasso was about soccer). The writer, a fan of a team called Tottenham, which is apparently having a bad year, rates the team’s players according to Bowie songs. As little as I know about soccer, I know less about Tottenham, but if you know anything about Bowie I think the humor comes through.

And with that, “we’ve finished our news!”*

I’ve heard the news today” is Bowie’s adaptation of the Beatles lyric, which is heard in “Young Americans.” “We’ve finished our news” is a line from, “Oh You Pretty Things”.

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