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I heard the news today*… David Bowie News of the Week! Diamond Dogs Turns 50…and more!

This my weekly summary of news of the about Bowie. The bolded titles link to the original stories I summarize below. As always, there were actually more stories either about Bowie, or in which Bowie is at least mentioned, but this is my selection of the highlights.

Diamond Dogs Turns 50. The occasion of Bowie’s 1984-inspired concept album prompted several retrospectives including this one in Louder, which tells the story of the making of the album and subsequent tour. I’m not sure that I agree with the characterization that the tour failed– despite the spectacular theatricality of the set, Bowie got tired of it midway through and transitioned into his plastic soul persona.

Ziggy Stardust makes Apple’s List. Apple Music released its list of the 100 best albums of all time. The Rise and fall of Ziggy Stardust came in at #24. Not surprisingly, Iman turned to social media to declare it #1. What, according to Apple Music is #1? The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. I’ve never heard it.

Another role offered to Bowie. A story circulated last week about how Bowie had been offered the role of the villain in the Sylvester Stallone movie, Cliffhanger. A story popped up this week about how producer Bryan Fuller tried to cast Bowie as Hannibal Lecter’s uncle in for the TV show, Hannibal. This is not exactly new, as it was based on a 2013 report that Fuller planned to offer the part to Bowie. I guess the news is that it didn’t work out.

Far Out Magazine Bowie stories Roundup: Nina Simone reflects on Bowie. This is a new article the appears to have resurrected some old comments from Nina Simone on Bowie’s appeal. the two are linked because they both covered “Wild is the Wind.” Though Johnny Mathis recorded it– and was nominated for an Oscar for doing so– before Simone, her version became better known and Bowie apparently asked her permission to record his own version for Station to Station. Bowie made rock pretentious. Far Out is great about taking an offhand comment and turning it into an article. this is an example. Jessica Pratt on Bowie. She apparently liked Young Americans. Far Out also had its own Diamond Dogs at 50 story. And then they ran a second Diamond Dogs story… Still not done, Far Out ran a story about how John “Johnny Rotten” Lydon said that Bowie partially inspired the Sex Pistols.

Bowie in Berlin. This reflection is not about the Berlin Trilogy but rather Bowie’s various live performances in the German City over the years.

Richard Branson talks Bowie. Sir. Richard, founder of the Virgin group, gave an interview to… Virgin Radio, in which he kinda alluded to Bowie inspiring his Virgin Galactic project. At least that’s what the headline suggests. The body of the story is a little more ambiguous, but Branson was fond of Bowie and backed both the movie and soundtrack for Absolute Beginners, which Bowie appeared in. As a side note, the soundtrack contains three original Bowie songs, which is quite a bit for an album that wasn’t his own.

Bowie disappoints a fan, and they meet again online… Not sure what prompted this story now, but this is an oddly in-depth account of Bowie meeting a fan while jogging, not saying much to the fan and the fan getting upset. Later, the fan posted his version on Bowie’s web site, to which Bowie replied with his own lengthy– and funny– castigation.

Bowie’s Jewish links? this brief and curious story seems to have been written by someone with access to Google but who otherwise didn’t know much about Bowie. There’s a longer story about most of what’s mentioned here. Not sure what prompted this one either.

And with that, we’ve finished our news!*

I’ve heard the news today” is Bowie’s adaptation of the Beatles lyric, which is heard in “Young Americans.” “We’ve finished our news” is a line from, “Oh You Pretty Things”.

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