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I heard the news today* … Bowie stories of the week: New releases a go-go!

This is the second installment of my weekly summary of news of the week about Bowie. The bolded titles link to the original stories I summarize below. As always, there were actually more stories either about Bowie, or in which Bowie is at least mentioned, but this is my selection of the highlights. Plus this week’s installment comes with a new video!


Parlophone Records releases “Lady Stardust Alternative Version. This is a previously unreleased early version of “Lady Stardust” released to promote an upcoming five-CD compilation called Rock and Roll Star. For a guy who has been dead for eight years, David Bowie is coming out with a lot of new releases of late, as also highlighted in the next story…

Waiting in the Sky (Before The Starman Came To Earth) becomes 70th Bowie album to crack the British Top 40. Forbes reports that this Record Store Day release of outtakes form the Ziggy Stardust sessions becomes the 70th Bowie album to make the British top-40 record charts.

George Murray talks about playing with Bowie and teases collaboration with Carlos Alomar. Bassist George Murray, who played for Bowie in the mid-late 70s, gave an interview about his time playing with Bowie. The headline emphasizes how Bowie moved on from Murray, but the buried lead is that Murray and Bowie guitarist Carlos Alomar are talking about doing an album highlighting the music they made with Bowie. That’s one I’ll be watching for.

Did Bowie think “Changes” was an expression of arrogance? According to the British online magazine Far Out, which frequently runs Bowie-related stories, the answer apparently is yes. The article discusses how Bowie thought through the song he was “calling his shot.” The magazine also ran a story about how Pink Floyd’s Syd Barrett didn’t like Bowie’s 1967 song, “Love You Til Tuesday.” And then there was a third Far Out story about Bowie’s favorite bars and cafes in London.

The little-known Labyrinth sequel. This is a curious story about a little-known graphic novel sequel to the Bowie movie Labyrinth. The story contains a sample of the artwork and yep, Jareth looks like Bowie!

Bowie versus Putin. This one wasn’t a story, but maybe should have been. A Ukraine club called Bel ‘Etage held a fundraiser for the Ukrainian army featuring various Ukrainian bands performing Bowie songs. The event was in March, but a YouTube page called Kiraigigs, which archives Ukrainian concerts captured the whole thing in a series of videos. The link is to that page. My only concern is that over time, the Bowie videos will get pushed further back in the archive, so depending on when you see this, you might have to search the site.

Turns out there really are spiders from Mars. Photos taken from a European spacecraft of the surface of Mars shows what appear to be…spiders. Sadly, they are neither actual spiders not a glam band… but they are freaky! Read the article to see what the things actually are…

And with that, “we’ve finished our news!”*

I’ve heard the news today” is Bowie’s adaptation of the Beatles lyric, which is heard in “Young Americans.” “We’ve finished our news” is a line from, “Oh You Pretty Things”.

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