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I heard the news today*… Bowie moving to Elvis country???

This my weekly summary of news of the about Bowie. The bolded titles link to the original stories I summarize below. The most reported-on Bowie related story was about the Memphis sculpture (see below), but as usual there were a variety of others. Of note, I left out stories about the Blackstar Symphony at the Kennedy Center, which took place on June 29th, the day I wrote this, on the assumption that whatever I would write would become outdated by the time you read this. Expect something on that next week. Meanwhile, this is my selection of the highlights.

Bowie Statue coming to the home town of Elvis! Pretty soon Bowie and Elvis Presley will share something besides their birthday (January 8)— both will be honored by Memphis, Tennessee. If you’ve ever been to Memphis, there’s plenty already there, including Graceland, reminding people that it’s Elvis City. Now an artist is working on a 10-ft tall Bowie stature for public display there, too. Read about it here.

20th Anniversary of Bowie’s Final Concert. Bowie’s final full concert took place on June 25, 2004 at the Hurricane Festival in Scheessel, Germany as part of the A Reality Tour. This is the story of what happened, which led to Bowie’s decade of semi-exile.

Rock ‘N’ Roll Star charts! This posthumous box set, Rock ‘N’ Roll Star has become Bowie’s 71st— yes, 71st, album to reach the top 40 charts in the UK. This is especially impressive considering that the multi-disc set is expensive!

The story of “Absolute Beginners.” No, this isn’t the book that inspired the movie. Its the background story of the Bowie song…inspired by the movie that was inspired by the book…

Did you ever wonder what “Modern Love” was really all about? . Another “story behind the song” story— this one about, “Modern Love.” If you ever really listened to the lyrics, I’m sure you’d agree this is a good one for further explanation.

Remembering Bowie and Lou Reed performing “Queen Bitch” in ‘97. I’m still mad at my sister because she went to Bowie’s 50th birthday concert in New York in 1997 and didn’t invite me. Well, among other things, he performed “Queen Bitch” with Lou Reed, who partially inspired the song. The occasion of this article is that the clip of them together has “resurfaced” — though it has actually been quite easy to find on YouTube for years. Nonetheless, this links to the clip and the clip is worth watching.

“D.J.” as Commentary on Disco. If Lodger seems somewhat timeless, this article reminds us that it was released in 1979 and contemplates the song “D.J.” as a response to disco culture.

When is a Prince like a Duke? This commentary compares Prince to Bowie. Although the song, “Zeroes” is not mentioned, I think of Bowie’s line, “And me my little red Corvette has driven by.”

When Bowie propositioned Debbie Harry. A story from Chris Stein’s promotional tour for his book, Under a Rock, turned into an article about when Bowie put the moves on the Blondie lead singer. It’s a kind of amusing and kind of disappointing story…


And with that, “we’ve finished our news…”*

“I’ve heard the news today” is Bowie’s adaptation of the Beatles lyric, which is heard in “Young Americans.” “We’ve finished our news” is a line from, “Oh You Pretty Things”.

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