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“Heroes” Covered Part 6: hYrtis performs “Sense of Doubt”

This is an amazing video. French musician hYrtis (real name is apparently Gladys Hulto…and no, i didn’t know her before this video) performs the instrumental on a Theremin. If ever a piece of music was designed for the Theremin, it is this. The way the instrument, which does not involve physical contact, is played allows the artist to maintain a pose similar to the pose Bowie assumed on the “Heroes” album cover (itself inspired by a painting called Roquairol by Erich Heckel).

HYrtis has several videos mostly of her playing classical music on the Theremen, and indeed, the position and movements are pretty similar. This particular video also contains a imitated images of Bowie flitting in and out, before communing with hYrtis at the end. Its worth watching.

In terms of meaning? Well, this is a piece of music without any words or vocalizing at all. As the name implies, it has an ominous sound to it, and in that respect it fits in with much of the rest of the doubtful music on “Heroes.” But hYrtis has enhanced the art here and has allowed it to exist within her video without additional context.

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