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“Helden” Jojo Rabbit Soundtrack Version (2020)

“Helden,” the German version of “Heroes,” appeared as my entry for Day 290. If you just listen to the music, this is either identical or modified in some minor way. But, just as “Starman” appeared in the Academy Award Best-Picture winner, CODA, which I recently watched, “Helden” appeared — in its entirety— at the end of the Acadsemy Award nominated Jojo Rabbit, which I also recently watched. What’s different then is the video accompanying the music which features scenes and some dialogue from the movie.

I have commented before that “Heroes” is often misused, as if it is a song about actual heroes as opposed to a couple, or less than that— one half of a doomed couple — fantasizing about being freed of a desperate situation “just for one day.” Without revealing too much about the movie, I can say its appearance is appropriate given the circumstances…

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