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Gail Ann Dorsey and Matthieu Chedid cover “Space Oddity”

Gail Ann Dorsey was a conspicuous and much-welcomed presence in Bowie’s live shows for the last several years he performed and was a regular member of his band, playing bass and singing, from 1995 until his death. Of course she plays the bass very well, but she also have a terrific singing voice and more stage presence than maybe anyone else who played with Bowie after Mick Ronson. Dorsey has a career outside of backing Bowie, but she hasn’t stopped honoring him since his death, as she does here on French public television along with French singer Matthieu Chedid (who, according to Wikipedia, is better known as “M”).

It’s a beautiful rendition of one of Bowie’s most iconic and beloved songs. Nothing more than that.

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