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Frances Ha “Modern Love” scene

The actress, writer and director Greta Gerwig has been getting attention for the Barbie movie, which she directed and co-wrote. I haven’t seen it (yet), but I was reading a profile of Gerwig that mentioned that she used “Modern Love” in a scene in a different movie, Frances Ha, in which she stars and that she co-wrote. I haven’t seen that that movie, either, but this video is the scene in question.

I’ve read up on Frances Ha, but because I haven’t seen it, I’m not going to try to summarize it here. I will relay a note about the scene from Wikipedia, based on an observation from an article in the New Yorker (click on bolder words to link), that the scene “is a remake of a sequence in Leos Carax’s Mauvais Sang, where Denis Lavant runs through the streets.” So, I haven’t seen Mauvais Sang either, and again I won’t summarize it based on just reading about the movie, but I did see a reproduction of the movie poster, which seems to feature a still from the scene of Lavant running through the street. So it might have been a pivotal scene in that movie, which, seems to have little else to do with Frances Ha.

Bottom line: I’ve got some movies I need to catch up on…

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