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Exclusive Video Interview with British musician W3st!

I only started featuring interviews as part of this blog at the beginning of this year, and already the project has taken me around the world. The journey this week takes me to England, where I meet a rising musician who goes by W3st. W3st posted a cover of Bowie’s “Starman” that I selected as “Cover of the Week” a few weeks ago, and I thought it sounded great. W3st has a terrific voice and a mastery of sound. He takes Bowie’s song and transforms it into his own.

I was somewhat surprised to find that his version of “Starman” is atypical, at least compared to most of the other songs he’s posted on his YouTube page, which you can link to HERE. Most of his other posted songs are rap, and while they feature the same versatile voice and demonstrate the same sense of how to employ eclectic sounds in the service of his music, the style is different. That he has the flexibility to pivot styles is something W3st has in common with Bowie.

That’s not all he has in common. We didn’t so much get into this in the interview, but Bowie’s music from the early 70s spoke to the moment, from the perspective of a young man who had to make choices and confront what were then-modern challenges. That’s what W3st does as well. In time, Bowie wrote songs that spoke to middle-age and end of life issues, leaving it to the next generations to speak for themselves. W3st is not the stylistic inheritor of Bowie, but there’s the spirt that I hear in a song like “Star” (from the same album as “Starman”). Bowie was less fond of imitators than he was of innovators and W3st os more the latter.

In this interview, we talk about what W3st was doing with “Starman,” how he promotes music in the present day, his future plans and, of course, David Bowie. I’m quite confident that were Bowie still alive and in London, he too would have discovered W3st and become a fan. And I’m quite confident that you’re in for a treat with this interview…

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