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Exclusive Video Interview with Rob Fleming, KillerStar lead singer and co-founder

I don’t listen to much genuinely new music. The only three new relatively new albums I’ve been repeatedly listening to in totality in recent months have been The Rolling Stones’s new album, the Easy Star All-Star’s complete cover of Ziggy Stardust, called Ziggy Stardub… and KillerStar. KillerStar is the name of the album and the band. Of these three albums, it is the only one with entirely new music by an entirely new band. And it’s terrific. But for as new as it all is, there is a David Bowie connection. More than one, actually.

Before I get to that, the core members of the band are lead singer Rob Fleming an drummer James Sedge. Today’s interview is with Rob. It’s a great conversation that you’re going to want to watch or listen to in its entirety. And then you’re going to want to get the album, if you haven’t done so already.

Here I’m going to repeat a point I make during the interview — regardless of all the reissues, covers, unearthed and previously unreleased materials, live albums, remixes, mash ups and AI Bowie songs (some of which are very good), we’re never going to get a genuinely new Bowie album ever again. KillerStar is genuinely new. The music stands on its own. But there is more than a little Bowie DNA in the songs.

That’s because several of Bowie’s former collaborators make major contributions to the album. They include Bowie’s longtime piano player Mike Garson and longtime bass player Gail Ann Dorsey, Earl Slick, who played lead guitar on David Live, Young Americans and Station to Station, Donny MaCaslin and Tim Lefebvre who played on Blackstar, and Mark Plati and Emm Gryner who collaborated on many Bowie projects. Their playing style is very distinctive.

Plus, there are numerous lyrical and musical Bowie-related Easter eggs in the songs, which otherwise are not about Bowie at all.

The band name itself is derived from a Bowie song, “New Killer Star” from Reality (2003).

If you want to read some of my additional thoughts on the album, click HERE.

If you want to read more about the band, click HERE for the official website.

And if you want to buy the album, well you can do that however you buy music, but one way to do it is HERE (where you can also buy swag and Emm Gryner’s new album, Business and Pleasure.)

Otherwise enjoy the interview. This is a special one.

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