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Exclusive Interview: Ukrainian “Bowie Night” Concert Promoter Eugene Kibets

Several weeks ago I came across a series of videos on YouTube of performances from an extraordinary concert: about twenty bands covered Bowie songs under the auspices of “Bowie Night.” Well, that sounds terrific but not necessarily extraordinary. Except “Bowie Night” took place in Kyiv, Ukraine. It struck me that at a time of threat and war, people in Kyiv found strength and comfort by listening to Bowie songs.

After seeing some of the videos— all the performances I saw were excellent— I felt like I wanted to talk to someone involved in organizing the concert. Was that even possible? In the course of creating content for this blog, I have spoken to people in locations pretty far from where I live in New York State, USA— Europe, Japan, New Zealand — but I hadn’t spoken to anyone in a country currently under attack. Again, I thought to myself, was it even be possible?

It tuns out that answer to that question is yes. That’s how I connected with Eugene Kibets, the concert organizer. I’ll leave it to him to tell the story, in the interview itself, but I’ll also say Eugene has another Bowie connection. In addition to organizing “Bowie Night,” he runs a rescue shelter for cats who become homelessness as a result of the war. It’s called “Cats on Mars” and uses a logo of a cat with the Bowie lighting bolt. I wrote a separate post on that, which you can see HERE.

Whatever else the music of David Bowie means, hearing it is an experience shared by people who span generations and geography. In that respect, it is unifying and a reminder that our time on this planet is shared with everyone else whose own time intersects with our own.

I’ve been doing interviews for this blog for about half a year, and I have found each one to be fun and fascinating. Eugene has really compelling stories to tell, but added to that is the wonder that this interview, and even more so the concert could happen at all.

This past week I featured a video-a-day from the concert. Below are links to the featured performances (click on the bolded titles). Looks like an amazing night!

Space Oddity by Sheteel
Seven Years in Tibet by Osnova
Starman by Timber Blanche
Hallo Spaceboy by Violet Raymoor
Hallo Spaceboy by Vykroutas

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