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Exclusive Interview: Guitar Master Pete Farrugia!

If a guitar, a bass, a ukulele or anything like a guitar can do something, Pete Farrugia can make it do that thing. He’s been playing since the 70s, when he was a boy and heard local boy David Bowie singing about Ziggy playing guitar. Pete’s been playing professionally almost since then. He has such mastery over the instrument that he teaches (click HERE for his website to learn more). I discovered Pete while reviewing videos for this blog’s “Cover of the Week” feature and found his joyful rendition of “Drive in Saturday.”

I liked the cover so much that I reached out to Pete who was good enough to agree to this interview. And he has some good stories to tell. He has a lot to say about Bowie, growing up in the London area and teaching and playing the guitar. He doesn’t play in the interview, but if you want to hear more, click HERE for his YouTube page.

Pete has had a dynamic and varied career in the music industry. Known for his versatility, he has played for numerous bands and artists. Notably, he spent almost a decade as the lead guitarist for Sister Cookie, a London-based retro r’n’b artist, and contributed to her acclaimed 2022 album In The Blue Corner. In 2021, Farrugia collaborated with award-winning British blues singer Katie Bradley on their album Soho Heart. He has also played with Chad Strentz and the Chad-illacs and Shout Sister Shout. Pete’s musical journey began when his mother bought him his first guitar at the age of 12. Since then, he has been dedicated to honing his craft, teaching lessons and performing in various bands. Throughout his career, Pete’s talent has led him to work with diverse artists and explore different musical styles, showcasing his adaptability and skill as a guitarist. As you’ll hear in the interview, Pete was also a member of the band Fast Set in the 80s (it’s a very 80s band), which contributed a song to the compilation album, Some Bizarre Album, which I think I have (but can’t find).

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