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Exclusive Interview: “Bowie at Woodstock” Author Corrado Rizza!

Corrado Rizza is an Italian DJ and producer currently residing in Miami, who co-authored the book Bowie at Woodstock* with Guido Michelone, a university professor and prolific writer. Both Rizza and Michelone are long-time admirers of David Bowie, and their new book delves into the why the Bowie chose to spend his final years in eastern New York State.

Bowie at Woodstock explores Bowie’s life as he split his time between the bustling streets of New York City and the serene Catskill Mountains with his wife Iman and daughter Lexi. The book traces Bowie’s journey from London and Berlin to Bali and New York, culminating in his retreat to the iconic town known worldwide for the famous 1969 rock festival (which actually took place in nearby Bethel).**

Through extensive interviews with artists who worked closely with Bowie during this period, including some who followed his footsteps to Woodstock, Rizza and Michelone provide insights into Bowie’s life and work in this unique setting that is close to nature and rich with rock music history. Bowie found tranquility and inspiration in Woodstock, which resonated though his creative process and personal life during those final years.

Currently, Bowie at Woodstock is available only in Italian, making this interview an exclusive first look for our English-speaking audience.

* The book’s title and subtitle in Italian is Bowie a Woodstock: Il Duca Bianco Nella Natura Piu Hippy Del Mondo which literally translates as Bowie at Woodstock The White Duke In The Hippiest Nature In The World. Corrado explains the title in our interview.

** Bowie himself was not at the famous 1969 festival, however his song, “Memory of a Free Festival” was inspiration by his participation in vaguely similar festival in England.

HERE is a link to the Italian Amazon site, where the book is available. This link might not work for everyone, so if you want the book and the link doesn’t work, ask your local bookstore for assistance. Actually, do that anyway!

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