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Do They Know Its Christmas at Live Aid (1985)

I previously mentioned that the only time I can tell that Bowie did anything with Paul McCartney was at the Live Aid concert in 1985.  Bowie’s performance was very strong, though it contained only four songs— “TVC15;” “Rebel Rebel;” “Modern Love;” and “Heroes.” He was also supposed to sing , “Five Years,” but he gave up his fifth song in exchange for a documentary video about starvation in Ethiopia.    I earlier posted the video of Bowie singing back up to McCartney’s “Let It Be” to illustrate my “Daily Bowie” entry for 7/24.   Here he is participating with just about everyone else singing the closing number, “Do They Know Its Christmas.”  Unlike “Let It Be,” where I can’t make out his voice, Bowie’s few, opening lines in this song are distinct. Of note, Bowie did not perform on the studio version that we often hear around Christmas, though he did contribute to a spoken message on the record’s B-side. 

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