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Divine Symmetry: Is there a connection between Joy Division’s “Atmosphere” and “‘Heroes’”?

What does Joy Division’s “Atmosphere” have in common with David Bowie’s “‘Heroes’”? I wouldn’t think much. But DoM clearly sees something that probably nobody else could, without the guidance of his two mashups combining the two songs. Two? Yes— he did this one, combining the Joy Division vocals with Bowie’s music, but he also did the reverse, which I featured HERE.

What DoM does is art, and what he does with these two songs demonstrates what I mean. Not only is he seeing something that most of us would miss, but that he’s able to integrate the two songs both ways, such that both versions sound like they were always suppposed to sound like this, is both visionary and well executed.

DoM was the first person I interviewed for this blog and I always like to highlight his work. He has some other recent Bowie-related mashups that I’ll post in the near future. (Click HERE to link to that first interview)

This “Divine Symmetry” feature highlights songs that have something in common with Bowie songs, whether intentionally or not. I wouldn’t have thought these two songs had anything in common, but I’m sure glad DoM saw it!

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