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Day 360 | Tired of My Life

Bowie created this song as a young man.    Why was Bowie thinking like this in his youth?  In any case, the song is a demo and the sound quality is not great, but it is sad and beautiful.  If it sounds familiar, Bowie recycled some of the lyrics for, “It’s No Game” more than a decade later, which is the song that both opens and closes the Scary Monsters album.  I only became aware of this song relatively recently and had long assumed that the line, “put a bullet in my brain, and it makes all the papers,” was inspired by the assassination of John Lennon.  Obviously it wasn’t, however Bowie might have had a Lennon song in mind; “A Day In The Life,”  opens with “news” about someone who “blew his mind out in a car.”  I think it is safe to say that in his later years, Bowie was not tired of his life.  His last three years were highly prolific.  I get the sense he would have liked more time to produce even more.

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