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Day 358 | Seven

How could I not save a song with the line, “I got seven days to live my life,”until this day, a week before the anniversary of Bowie’s death.  Beyond that coincidental lyric, I’ve been having trouble putting into words what I want to say about this song.  Bowie said it was basically about living in the moment.  I don’t see that, and Bowie had a tendency to misdirect about the meaning of his songs.   There’s a recurring theme within the song of forgetting – forgetting what family members said, forgetting “the god,” and being forgotten by those gods.  The forgetting seems to be about advice, words of wisdom of maybe codes of conduct.  In contrast the narrator experiences (laying on “your” bed) and remembers experience rather than words (how “he” wept).  At the end of the song he has no regrets.    I don’t know that I would have arrived at this a year ago, but is this song about detaching from the mortal coil (you don’t even need to be alive to lay on a bed)?  I am reminded of the lyric in “Blackstar,” “something happened on the day he died, spirit rose a meter and stepped aside.”  Is this an early manifestation of the concept?  Where the rules and regulations of day to day life fade and are subsumed by detached experience?  I’m not sure,  But that’s what it means to me today.  Album: hours…

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