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Day 350 | Liza Jane

A year ago I was eagerly awaiting the new Bowie CD to arrive from Amazon. I had already seen the video for “Blackstar” and heard, “Sue, (Or In A Season of Crime)” and was looking forward to the album (would it be too much to hope for a tour?). Little did I know Bowie would have two weeks to live. Over the next two weeks I’ll be posting songs I mostly picked out a long time ago that I think in one way or another are appropriate for the countdown to the anniversary of Bowie’s death. So I’m starting at the beginning- the very beginning- this was the first song recorded by Bowie, while he was still Davie Jones, performing with his band, the King Bees in 1964. Throughout this tribute I have occasionally posted Bowie songs from the 1960s, before he was famous. For the most part these songs- and there are many more that I didn’t post- are not very good. I like this one. It is totally derivative and sounds like it was probably a little dated even in 1964, but it’s a fun song that wouldn’t sound out of place today. In fact Bowie revived the song for his ill-fated Toy album, which was mostly contemporary versions of his early songs, and performed it live as late as the early 2000s. Every story has a beginning, and for the story Bowie’s 52-year career, this song was the start. 

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