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Day 319 | Tryin’ To Get to Heaven

This is another song I didn’t know existed until I found it through this tribute project.  Actually, I knew the song existed from Bob Dylan’s 1997 album Time Out of Mind.  That album made a big impact for Dylan at the time—it is perhaps an overstatement to say it revived his career, but it certainly injected a new infusion of relevance, and it’s a great album.  Bowie recorded this version the year after Dylan originally released it, but to my knowledge Bowie never released this (I don’t know how it ended up on You Tube).  There’s something about later Bowie covering later Dylan that I find especially exciting, and indeed, while this isn’t exactly Jimi Hendrix improving “All Along the Watchtower,” it’s a great find.  

Note from 2021: This song was released as a limited edition vinyl record in 2021.

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