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Day 318 | (You Will) set the World on Fire

Update 11/13/23:
I recently replaced the link to the video because the original broke at some point. I’m noticing that what I originally wrote has little to do with the song itself, so this is a great candidate for revisitation at some point. For now, the current link is audio only and my original writing at least scratches the surface…

Here’s what I originally posted on 11/29/16:
I am thankful that David Bowie left us with so much music. Perhaps his greatest cornucopia was his second-to-last album, which contained double the number of songs as Blackstar or Station to Station (more than triple if you count The Next Day Extra). The album is more of a garbage plate than a Thanksgiving dinner in that the songs don’t necessarily have anything to do with each other.  Most range from good to very good, but on the whole the work is the opposite of a concept album.  This may have been because Bowie had just been sitting on so much stuff for a decade, or there might have been more thought behind it—in the age of mp3s these songs were more likely to be heard on a playlist than in the progression originally intended by the artist.  This particular song, about the New York folk scene in the 1960s (though it doesn’t sound like a 1960s folk song) is one of several I like just because of how it sounds.     Album: The Next Day

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