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Day 317 | When the Boys Come Marching Home

This B side from the Heathen period is another of those songs that should appear on a compilation of one-offs that never made it on an album. It’s a good if meloncholy song that I hadn’t heard before this exercise. My general take on Bowie’s later one-offs is that they are generally solid. The earlier equivalent, say song’s like “Holy Holy” or “Velevet Goldmine” tend to sound to me like they were unfinished (they probably were), but thanks in part to reissued albums starting in the 1990s with the Rykodisc reissues, many of those earlier songs ended up added at the end of pre-existing albums and thus have become more familiar. I think this was a mistake. What more definitive ending could an album have than “Rock ‘N Roll Suicide” – that’s the end of Ziggy- but on the Rykodic version, it is followed by five other songs. This song would have fit well enough within Heathen –just not at the end! (The song appears midway through this clip. It is proceeded by “Safe” and followed by “Lucy Can’t Dance.”

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