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Day 311 | Telling Lies

No, I have not reverted to using this tribute as a commentary on Donald Trump. Despite the title and refrain, if this song is actually about the activity of telling lies, I don’t see exactly how. Instead I think it’s another example of Bowie using words because he likes how they sound coming out of his mouth set to whatever type of music he was exploring at the time. At this time the music was “jungle,” which seemed to me to be a little behind the curve at the time in 1996. Today this and much of the rest of the album seems vibrant. The passage of time has had a similar effect with glam and new wave- we can sit here listening to Low or Ziggy Stardust knowing that the album’s are older than Bowie was when he made them but also appreciating them for their creativity. That’s where I am with this song today. Album: Earthling

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