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Day 288 | Lucy Can’t Dance

This is an oddly hidden song, once intended for Black Tie, White Noise but ultimately released as a lower profile extra. Niles Rodgers thought it was a “guaranteed #1 but,” but Bowie refused to shine a light on it. This was around the time Bowie seemed washed up to the point that one of his songs, “Pallas Athena,” became popular at dance clubs in part because it was not identified as a Bowie song. This one might have seemed too much like Bowie trying to recapture his Serious Moonlight pop glory, even recycling the word “dance” in the song title. But Rodgers might have been right- released at a different time, this could have been a hit. Another reason Bowie might have been shy about it is that it can be interpreted as an envious shot against Madonna, basically accusing her of unoriginality and moving in on his turf. This is a theme Bowie touched on from time to time, “Same old thing in brand new drag comes sweeping into view…” “Somebody else took his place, and bravely cried, I’m a Blackstar…”. With this song he might be directing his ire against a particular person, and one who, to my knowledge did (does) give Bowie credit as an influence. His attitude toward rivals has shifted from the days of “Queen Bitch,” where he sang of a Marc Bolan-type, “I can do better than that,” to the sad lament, “who died and made you Material Girl?” But, as with other songs, the depressing, even cynical lyrics are masked by happy, energetic music. This is a “fake” video, cobbled together from portions of other videos. 

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