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Day 260 | Planet of Dreams

I come to really appreciate most Bowie songs by listening to them repeatedly on their albums of origin. But Bowie had a raft of one-off songs that never made it on any Bowie albums. These range from songs he performed live but never recorded in the studio to songs like this-fully formed, fully produced works that sound like they deserve more than obscurity. Bowie teamed up with his late-career stage basest, Gail Ann Dorsey to create this for a charity album. If it ever makes it onto a compilation, I’d put it at the top of the list for a single. I don’t attach any special meaning to the song (unlike, say, his performance of “America” for the Concert for America following 9-11), but it sounds really good and would fit in well amidst other Bowie songs. Album: Long Live Tibet.

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