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Day 258 | Outside

I was surprised to read in some of the retrospectives I have read since Bowie’s death that the album Outside (or, more accurately, 1. Outside) was widely considered a disappointment.  Not for me. It is one of my very favorite albums.  Bowie’s albums ar often thematic, ranging from those like Lodger that do not constitute a coherent story (but in that case sure does have a lot of songs about travel) to Ziggy Stardust which is usually given as a textbook concept album.  Outside takes the concept album concept a notch further.  While deliberately “non-linear,” the songs fee to each other and are stitched together with a series of segues, voiced by different characters relevent to the story but all voiced by Bowie.  The song “Outside” is the opening track and sets the table for what follows.  On its own, it is not my favorite song from the album, but I don’t think it is really meant to be listened to on its own.  The clip here is of Bowie signing it on tour, on in that respect it also set the stage for my second favorite Bowie concert (Pittsburgh ’95- my favorite being Shea’s Buffalo in 2004).  Slow and somber, the song pulls me in and gets me ready for one of Bowie’s darkest visions.  I usually then want to listen to the the rest of the album, in its original sequence, and I am never left “disappointed.”  Album: 1. Outside

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