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Day 254 | 1984/ Dodo

This is an early draft of what would become “1984” on the Diamond Dogs album.  Performed first here on a TV special called the 1980 Floor Show, Bowie transitions from the familiar “1984” to the a thematically related but altogether different song, “Dodo.”  Bowie would do this in occasion, as with “Sweet Thing/Candidate” and later with “Blackstar.”  Perhaps he cut The “Dodo” part because he didn’t want to include two such songs-within-songs on one album.  I also think the word “Dodo” seems unserious although the song on the whole isn’t bad.  I have seen clips from The 1980 Floor show on YouTube but have never seen the whole show.  Seems prime for release as a video and album.  Album: Sound and Vision (compilation box set).

Note from 2018: I subsequently found and now own an album of the 1980 Floor Show…which I’ll get to later on this site…

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