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Day 231 | Big Brother

Aside from “1984” this is the song from the Diamond Dogs album most obviously left over from Bowie’s project to make a musical out of the Orwell book (Orwell’s widow objected). The album is one of my favorites and I have always liked this song both on its own and how it fits in. As a concept album, Diamond Dogs is more coherent than either Ziggy or Outside, perhaps because it was really Orwell, not Bowie who came up with the story. It is tempting, especially in the context of the current presidential race, to read too much of a political message into this song. While that works, it is a step removed from what Bowie was trying to do. Orwell was writing about politics, Bowie was writing about Orwell. This video clip is from the Glass Spider tour. I saw Bowie perform the song during that tour 30 years ago. It is an odd choice to put up alongside songs such as “Day-In Day-Out” and “Never Let Me Down,” but I think Bowie himself always saw the thread that connected all, or at least most of his music. Album: Diamond Dogs

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