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Day 229 | Lady Stardust

As much as this song seems inseparable from the Ziggy Stardust concept, it really started out as a tribute to… you guessed it, Marc Bolan. An early working title for the song was “A Song for Marc,” and Bowie performed the song with an image of Bolan projected behind him when the song was new. The figure with the long black hair and makeup on his face matches the description of Bolan, not the vermillion-haired Ziggy, who did not exist at the time Bowie created the song. Bowie and Bolan had a rivalry, and at the time Bolan was the bigger star. But it is as if Bowie’s pledge to “do better than that” made in “Queen Bitch” came to fruition with Ziggy, and this song, inspired by Bolan helped Bowie steal away the glam-era crown. Bowie didn’t hang on to it long–by choice. Bolan had more difficulty adapting. Album: The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars

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