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Day 224 | Letter to Hermione

Yesterday I posted a song by Bowie’s short-lived late 1960’s folk trio, Feathers, featuring his then-girlfriend Herimone Farthingale.  She was the inspiration of this and other songs.  Yesterday I mentioned “Life on Mars,” but also, “An Occasional Dream.”  For me, the latter song as well as this one marks a huge leap forward for Bowie, advancing beyond the amateurish and just not very good hippie music he was squeezing out prior to this album.  This song would fit well in the faux-folk-hippie genre, but  the difference between it and some of the earlier stuff is that I like listening to it.  It comes off as pained and sincere, too.  As far as I know, Bowie never performed this song once he became well-known, however more than the other Hermione-inspired songs that don’t actually identify her, this one immortalizes a youthful relationship that has taken on mythic significance to some of Bowie’s biographers.  But more than marking the end of a relationship, to me, this song marks the end of Bowie’s musical adolescence.  The Cure’s, “A Letter to Elise,” was named after this song. Album: Space Oddity

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