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Day 223 | Ching A Ling

This is what I believe to be the only recorded song from Bowie’s late-60s folk trio, Feathers. The song is forgettable except for a few ancillary features. For one, the female singer is Herimone Farthingale, Bowie’s first serious girlfriend (who I think later dumped him) and inspiration of the better (and better known) song, “Letter to Hermione” and supposedly “Life on Mars” (she claims to be the “girl with the mousy hair”). Also of note is that some of the end music sounds awfully similar to parts of the later song, “Saviour Machine.” That too is a better song, so this one has a seed of something. I think this video comes from the Love You Til Tuesday project. Oddly, it omits the beginning of the song’s full version, sung by Bowie. That version is easy enough to find as an audio clip on You Tube, but you probably just need to hear this song once, and it is more interesting to see the young Bowie in the video than to hear more of this song than necessary. Album: Love You Til Tuesday (soundtrack)

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